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The Roblox Forums Rules
User Interactions:
Two Points, Expire in One Week
  • A1. Do not bully or harass any other user.
  • A2. Do not impersonate any other user.
Two Points, Expire in One Day.
  • B1. Do not attempt to or filter evade.
  • B2. Do not advertise.
  • B3. Do not post pornographic content.
  • B4. Do not post extremely graphic content.
  • B5. Do not post any malicious content.
  • B6. Do not attempt to scam anyone.
  • B7. Do not post racist or homophobic content.
  • B8. You must post in English or the majority of your post must be in English.
  • B9. Do not necropost.
  • B10. Do not spam or trash-post.
Offsite Linking:
Two Points, Expire in One Month (Ban without warning is a possibility on rules with *)
  • C1. Do not post links to pornography.
  • C2. Do not post any malware. *
  • C3. Do not post links leading to piracy. *
  • C4. Do not post links leading to gore.
  • C5. Do not post any trollware (websites must be what you say they are).
  • C6. Do not post links leading to advertising sites or donation sites.
Tix (Currency System):
Two Points, Expire in One Month
  • D1. Do not sell Tix.
  • D2. Do not exchange Tix for any services.
  • D3. Do not create new accounts or use other accounts to farm Tix.
  • D4. Do not abuse the earning system.
Administrator/Forum Developer
See a thread or post breaking the rules?
Press the report button and I will make it my priority to check it.

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